We can repair most brands of watch either mechanical or quartz including pocket

All watches that require servicing (Including quartz) will be fully dismantled, inspected
for wear and parts replaced where necessary (generic parts will be used if originals are
unavailable) the movement is then put through the cleaning cycle and dried. The
movement is then assembled and lubricated using only quality swiss synthetic oils and

Once reassembled and adjusted, the watch is timed and regulated and then tested for
at least 4 days to ensure correct functioning before being returned to the customer.

Watch cases and bracelets will be ultrasonicly cleaned as standard and any worn seals
and gaskets replaced where necessary.

Case and bracelet restorations can also be carried out on most prestiege brands
including Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Breitling etc.
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Basildon, Wickford Watch Repair
below is a few examples of typical restorations..........

This Rolex Royal has had a dial restoration, hand restoration, case restoration and movment overhaul.

This Pair case pocket watch by the famous Thomas Mudge has had the enamel dial restored and movement overhaul.

Breitling refurbishment.

Satin and polished links.

Breitling Colt before and after major dent removal.

Tag Heuer Refurbishment,

Patek philippe restoration
Franklin Time offers a postal watch repair service using royal mail special delivery.
please email or call us for more information.

All overhauls are guaranteed for 12 months.
Telephone: 01268 812055
Franklin Time - Watch Repair service based in Wickford